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Delivered along with every piece of food: peace of mind.

Rabbit's mission is to fix the school food system—one community at a time. We are doing this in three ways:

  • Partnering with local schools and providing them kid-tested, made from scratch, customized healthy meal programs.
  • Working with local farmers, suppliers and artisans to optimize the nutritional value of all meals, promoting sustainability while supporting and growing the local economy.
  • Educating kids, teachers, families and communities about wellness, nutrition and healthy eating choices so they can make the right decisions for themselves when not in school.

And the best part is…this is all done at or below the current Federal reimbursement level.


Founded in 2005, we at Red Rabbit believe that good nutrition is essential to a child's academic growth, physical health and behavior. That's why we work hard every day to introduce made from scratch, farm-fresh foods to kids, as well as peace of mind to schools and parents.


Whether it's breakfast, lunch or just a snack, whether we use our facilities, or yours- we can customize a program just for your school. In addition to our healthy meal service, we offer a variety of hands-on educational programs, specifically through gardening and cooking, to establish a child's relationship with whole foods that will last a lifetime. We serve our school partners from our new expanded state-of-the-art facility in upper Manhattan…how can we serve you?


Fun Facts About Red Rabbit...

1. Founded & Based in NYC: we live, work and operate in NYC. We have a vested interest in the community we serve every day.

2. Farm Fresh & Regionally Sourced: if it isn't top quality, we don't use it.  We strive to patronize local and regional suppliers to not only support the local economy but leverage proximity for optimal freshness of produce and products.

3. Convenient Delivery & Logistics: our  systems are all designed to make working with us easy and stress-free. We know school meal delivery is not your only priority.

4. Customized Programs: we hire people that are passionate and knowledgeable about nutrition, wellness and education so we can offer quality products and services. Assisting our school partners through the transition process, we strive to exceed industry best practices. You get the programs you want and need—no more, no less.

5. Kid-tested & approved: If our meals don't appeal to the ones eating them, why bother? Our meals are not only evaluated by chefs, nutritionists and pediatricians but also by the toughest critics: kids!

6. Competitively-priced: We balance our food offerings with quality ingredients to provide healthy meals that can work within any school's budget. We offer meals programs at or below the federal reimbursement rate (applicable for charter, parochial and public school & child care center programs).